Carpenter ant attacks can be identified by the presence of large black ants in your kitchen. This is not good news for most landowners as carpenter ants will come home and cause serious damage if not repaired immediately. Ants, often recognized as the optimistic genus, are named for their ability to construct nests. They were…

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As summer approaches, it brings along unwanted and annoying pests that disturb your life. And one of the most annoying ones is the Ant. Ant season lasts from March to August. There are nearly 100 different species of ants. The most common species found in Toronto and the GTA are Carpenter Ants, Pavement ants, and…

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When ants come into the house, they are looking for two things – food and shelter. Ants may come in the house because: 1. Food was left out unsealed. That includes sugar, honey, pet food, ripe fruit, flour, etc. 2. Juice and soda containers were thrown in the bin without rinsing. 3. Your counters haven’t…

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