The most common fly species in the Canada: house flies, horse flies and bluebottle flies, are attracted by rotting organic material and excrement. Carcasses of animals such as dead rodents are the perfect breeding ground and flies are among the first species to lay eggs inside the corpse. A batch consists of up to 200…

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When ants come in the house, they are looking for two things – food and shelter. Ants may come in the house because: 1. Food was left out unsealed. That includes sugar, honey, pet food, ripe fruit, flour, etc. 2. Juice and soda containers were thrown in the bin without rinsing. 3. Your counters haven’t…

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What Does a Professional Pest Control Company Imply? Pest control takes training and skill. While most people run in the opposite direction of bugs, professional pest exterminators charge into crawlspaces and attics in search of the little critters. That’s why it’s very important to find the right people when you are facing an infestation problem.The…

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